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Dartmouth: The Gateway to Amazing Artisan Food & Drink

As the home of one of Britain’s best food festivals, Dartmouth is closely associated with first-class cuisine. In addition to a vibrant restaurant scene, the idyllic harbour town boasts a talented, diverse community of artisan food and drink producers and retailers.

Dartmouth artisan food and drink.

Dartmouth Butchers has served residents and tourists for over 200 years. The Deli at Dartmouth is the place to go for delectable baked goods. Dartmouth Ice Cream Company’s tempting treats are made in its local dairy. These are just a few of our favourites.

In the surrounding area, you’ll find independent businesses offering fantastic food and drink-themed experiences for visitors. Let’s peek behind the scenes and marvel at the skill of Devon’s amazing artisans…

Superior Wine and Cheese from Sharpham

The 500-acre Sharpham Estate near Totnes is a short trip from Dartmouth. The River Dart runs close to the grounds, which are not only crowned with an 18th century mansion but also feature a superb vineyard and dairy. The mansion was designed by the esteemed architect Sir Robert Taylor and the gardens by the legendary Capability Brown. However, it’s the incredible artisan food and drink made at the estate that most impresses visitors today.

Sharpham Wine & Cheese (sometimes called Sharpham Vineyard) has an enviable reputation – the company’s awards shelf must be groaning under the weight of all the honours it’s received! Take Sharpham Cremet, for example: this superior blend of goat’s milk and cow’s cream won Best Cheese at the Great British Food Awards 2019. The wines – red, white, rosé and sparkling varieties – are recognised as some of the finest in production.

What’s the secret to Sharpham Wine & Cheese’s success? Surely it’s the fact that everything is handmade using the estate’s own produce – grapes from the vineyard and milk from the Jersey cattle. As the team at Sharpham emphasises, location is key: the wines and cheeses ‘have a special character and flavour that relates to this unique position in the South Hams area of Devon’.

Treat Yourself to a Private Tasting Tour

If you’re planning a holiday in Dartmouth, be sure to fit in an excursion to Sharpham and enjoy wandering through the vineyard, watching artisans at work in the winery and dairy, and sampling the outstanding products. For five-star treatment, you could even book a private tour for yourself and several loved ones. With great company, great scenery, and great food and drink, you’ll have all the ingredients for a first-class day out.

Exceptional Gin Distilled in Salcombe

Earlier this year, Sharpham Wine & Cheese was invited to a celebration of the South West’s fine food and drink, hosted by Darts Farm in Exeter. The event ‘proudly showcased the region’s exquisite artisan produce’, as Grow Exeter magazine emphasised. There Sharpham’s team rubbed shoulders with Raymond Blanc and other top chefs.

Also on the guest list was Salcombe Distilling Co., which has made a name for itself as the creator of the exceptional Salcombe Gin range. One of Dartmouth’s neighbours in the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the coastal resort of Salcombe is synonymous with artisan gin production.

Salcombe Distilling Co.’s flagship product, Start Point, was honoured with a Gold Medal at 2017’s World Gin Awards.

Sip Cocktails Prepared by Your Own Gin Butler

The company’s distillers and mixologists draw inspiration from ‘the coastal vitality of Salcombe’. Like Sharpham’s wines and cheeses, Salcombe’s gin is enhanced by the glorious Devon landscape.

Choose from over 100 botanicals in order to create your very own spirits at Salcombe Distilling Co.’s gin school. If you’d prefer to kick back and relax, try the gin hamper delivery service instead – it’s popular with members of the social elite who moor their yachts at Salcombe. A gin butler can be called on to prepare sundowners in style. How about combining all these elements for an unforgettable bespoke experience day? Bliss!

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