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Become a Lord and Lady of Dartmouth – Align Yourselves with England's Elite

Elite titles, such as Lord and Lady, are an important part of English society and associated with prestige, success and wealth. As the leading authority on elite lifestyles, Debrett’s, says of titled aristocrats: ‘their social influence remains undimmed, and their lives remain a source of interest and speculation’.

Traditionally, elite society has been reserved for the fortunate few who’ve inherited titles and country seats, or had titles conferred on them by the King.

Now, thanks to Buy a Piece of Dartmouth, you and your partner can align yourselves with the titled English elite and perhaps even enjoy preferential treatment. Simply order our exclusive Dartmouth Seated Title package, which is designed for one or two people. You’ll be granted a decorative title for show purposes and a small, unique piece of land (your ‘seat’) in Dartmouth, South Devon, one of England’s most stunning, significant locations.

Anyone aged 18+ worldwide can legally become a titled Dartmouth landowner. You’re not required to be a British citizen or live in the UK. Whether you know England well or have never visited, a Dartmouth seated title is for you!

Unique, Personalised Dartmouth Seated Titles

Our Dartmouth Seated Title package enables you to legally call yourselves Lord and Lady [Your Surname] of Dartmouth – or whichever decorative title you prefer. That means you’ll be granted a legal change of title (from Mr to Lord and Mrs to Lady, say). You can display your new title on your passport, driving licence, credit cards, etc. You may wish to use it when making restaurant reservations, travel arrangements or hotel bookings.

Choose from the following decorative titles:

  • - Lord and Lady – our bestselling option
  • - Duke and Duchess
  • - Marquis and Marchioness
  • - Earl and Countess
  • - Count and Countess
  • - Viscount and Viscountess
  • - Baron and Baroness
  • - Sir and Dame

Rest assured that if you and your partner have different surnames, your decorative titles will reflect that. If you’re a same-sex couple, you’ll both receive the appropriate title (for example, Lord and Lord or Lady and Lady of Dartmouth).

You can buy our Dartmouth Seated Title package just for yourself, if you prefer, or as a gift.

Dartmouth’s Contemporary Elegance and Historical Significance

Your decorative title will be enhanced by its association with Dartmouth; few other English towns have quite the cachet of this coastal resort. Dartmouth is famous for its breathtaking scenery, links to historic events and notable figures, and popularity with the smart set.

America’s Pilgrim Fathers visited Dartmouth before their momentous voyage on the Mayflower. Members of the Royal Family have trained at Dartmouth’s Royal Naval College. Renowned author Dame Agatha Christie lived just up the River Dart at Greenway. Dartmouth is a playground for luxury yachts, as well as home to first-class cuisine and chic boutiques.

Buying our Dartmouth Seated Title package is an ideal way to strengthen an existing connection with the area (perhaps you’re descended from the Pilgrim Fathers or got engaged at sunset by the harbour) or create a new one.

Everything You Need to Become a Titled Dartmouth Landowner

Our Dartmouth Seated Title package makes it easy to become a titled landowner in this glorious English town. Everything you need is covered by the price (£995), even all the legal arrangements. What’s more, the land parcel incurs no tax or maintenance fees.

Our Dartmouth Seated Title package includes:

  • - Your chosen decorative, inheritable title for one or two people
  • - Your own unique, inheritable land parcel, measuring 20 x 20 cm (approximately 8 x 8 in), in Dartmouth woodland near the River Dart
  • - All title registration fees, legal fees and official documentation
  • - All HM Land Registry fees, legal fees and official documentation
  • - A personalised, beautifully presented title package, including your Certificate of Title (ideal for framing)
  • - Fascinating resources about Dartmouth past and present
  • - Worldwide delivery of your title package and related resources

All this can be yours – simply order our Dartmouth Seated Title package.

While our Dartmouth seated titles aren’t the same as titles possessed by the aristocracy or bestowed by the monarch, they’re still legal, exciting and great fun.

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We have over two decades’ experience of helping clients enhance their lifestyles – and we love what we do! You’re welcome to contact us and consult our FAQs.

Purchase our Dartmouth Seated Title package today and see where it takes you!

Title Pack

Dartmouth Land Parcel with the seated title 'Lord and Lady [Your Name] of Dartmouth' - Everything you need to become a Dartmouth landowner with a decorative title you can use for show purposes is included in the price (£995):

  • A presumed title for one or two applicants (title options include Lord and Lady, Duke and Duchess, Count and Countess, Earl, Sir, Dame, and more).
  • A land parcel, 20 cm x 20 cm (8ins x 8ins) near the River Dart
  • All Land Registry and Title Registration fees
  • All legal costs associated with transferring ownership of the land
  • All title documentation, beautifully presented in a unique title package
  • Worldwide delivery of all documentation
  • Information about Dartmouth past and present

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While presumed titles aren’t the same as those bestowed by the King, they’re an enjoyable, brilliantly affordable way to enhance your social standing and impress people you meet.

Align yourself with fabulous Dartmouth and upgrade your lifestyle today!