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Where to Find the Best Views of Dartmouth

With its sun-soaked harbour, period buildings and lush green trees, Dartmouth is truly a jewel in the South West’s crown. Whether you’re a professional photographer from a travel magazine or a tourist keen to try out your new smartphone camera, the town provides plenty of stunning photo opportunities, as highlighted by our Dartmouth photo gallery... [ Read More ]

Dartmouth Food Festival Offers a Delicious Taste of the South West

Every autumn, lovers of fine food and drink flock to Dartmouth Food Festival in their thousands to sample a mouth-watering range of the South West's many culinary delights... [ Read More ]

Your Guide to First-Class Cuisine and Luxury Shopping in Dartmouth

There are innumerable reasons to visit Dartmouth, but two of the most compelling are its fabulous fine cuisine and plethora of luxury retailers... [ Read More ]

Henry Bomby of Dartmouth and other British Sailing Stars

Find out how Dartmouth helped Bomby single-handedly circumnavigate the country and the invaluable support Dartmouth gave to other British sailing stars... [ Read More ]

Agatha Christie's Greenway: 'The Loveliest Place in the World'

A white Georgian house of about 1780 or 90, with woods sweeping down to the Dart below, and a lot of fine shrubs and trees – the ideal house, a dream house.... [ Read More ]

Why Dartmouth Railway Station Is Truly Unique

Attractive and well-preserved, Dartmouth railway station stands on the waterfront in the historic South Devon harbour town... [ Read More ]

Dartmouth Royal Regatta's Rich History and Bright Future

While beautiful Dartmouth attracts discerning holidaymakers all year round, there can be few more exciting times to visit this Devon harbour town than during its spectacular regatta, held annually in late August... [ Read More ]

Thomas Newcomen: From Dartmouth Ironmonger to Father of the Industrial Revolution

Born in 1664, the inventor and ironmonger Thomas Newcomen is one of Dartmouth's most influential sons. Despite having no formal training in mechanical engineering, Newcomen developed the world's first practical atmospheric steam engine in the early 1700s... [ Read More ]

Warriors at Warfleet Creek: Dartmouth's Role in the Medieval Crusades

For hundreds of years, Dartmouth has attracted large, important ships and it played a key role in the Medieval Crusades. Find out about the Warriors at Warfleet Creek... [ Read More ]

Why Dartmouth is 'the Real Star of the Show' on TV

If you live in Dartmouth or visit regularly, the sight of TV crews at work is bound to be familiar. For decades, the South Devon harbour town has provided a beautiful backdrop for a variety of British TV series.... [ Read More ]

Dartmouth: Where Discerning Holidaymakers Go to Unwind

With its stunning coastal setting, mild climate, rich history and culture, it's easy to see why Dartmouth is one of the UK's most appealing holiday destinations... [ Read More ]

The Queen's Special Connection with Dartmouth's Royal Naval College

It's now 80 years since the Queen (known during her youth as Princess Elizabeth) visited Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, South Devon, for the first time. As Head of the Armed Forces, she has since made a series of royal visits to the historic harbour town and its naval training academy. However, the time she spent there in 1939 is likely to occupy a special place in her memory, as her future husband, Prince Philip, was one of the cadets... [ Read More ]

How Dartmouth Came to the Pilgrim Fathers' Rescue

Had you been strolling through the bustling coastal town of Dartmouth, South Devon, on 23 August 1620, you may well have spotted a pair of merchant ships approaching. Leslie Wilcox's beautiful painting, 'The Mayflower and Speedwell in Dartmouth Harbour' (1971), imagines the scene shortly before the vessels dropped anchor... [ Read More ]

Dartmouth Castle: Defending the River Dart for Over 600 Years

In Dartmouth, the sense of history is almost palpable – and nowhere more so than at the town's castle, which has stood guard over the River Dart for centuries. Few other British fortresses are as historically significant or stunningly situated as Dartmouth Castle. The Guardian of the Dart (as it's often called) has protected the townspeople since the Middle Ages... [ Read More ]

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Where is Dartmouth?
Dartmouth sits at the mouth of the river Dart on the south coast of England some 20 miles east of Plymouth and some 4 miles west of Brixham - where, incidentally, the replica Mayflower was built in Uphams shipyard in 1956.

What is the size of my “Piece of Dartmouth” / the land transferred?
The land plot is 20cm by 20cm (approximately 8 inches x 8 inches) - large enough for the Land Registry to deal with but small enough so as not to attract any form of tax.

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