Buy a Piece of Dartmouth

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is Dartmouth?
A. Dartmouth sits at the mouth of the river Dart on the south coast of England some 20 miles east of Plymouth and some 4 miles west of Brixham - where, incidentally, the replica Mayflower was built in Uphams shipyard in 1956.

Q. Where in Dartmouth is the land?
A. The land is on the outskirts of Dartmouth some 1 mile south of the town centre just ½ mile from the river Dart.


Q.  How do I know you own the land you are selling?
A. In England, all land ownership (irrespective of its size) is recorded at a central Government department – Her Majesty’s Land Registry. We deal directly with the Land Registry in transferring land ownership from us to you – once complete, HM Government then Guarantee your ownership of the land as detailed in the Land Registry documentation we send to you. We pay all Land Registry fees. Each plot of land is given a unique LR reference number. The ownership, of the land we sell, is recorded under LR Number DN 471675. The LR will, for a small fee, send anyone who so applies details of this land along with the ownership thereof.

The Land Registry office address is:
Land Registry, Plymouth Office, PO Box 75, Gloucester, GL14 9BD
(Should you wish to make such enquiries then please quote the LR reference number given above.)

Q. What is the size of my “Piece of Dartmouth” / the land transferred?
A. The land plot is 20cm by 20cm (approximately 8 inches x 8 inches) - large enough for the Land Registry to deal with but small enough so as not to attract any form of tax. 

Q. Can I buy a bigger plot?
A. I am afraid not, sorry.

Q. Can I build on it? 
A. I am afraid not as the plot is too small.

Q. What is there at the moment? 
A. Woodland

Q. Who is going to look after the land?
A. The land is a vacant plot so there is no ongoing maintenance and so no need for anyone to look after it per se. 

Q. Do I need to instruct a lawyer/solicitor to do any legal work on my behalf?
A. No - our in-house legal team do all the legal work for you.

Q. Although you say I do not need a legal representative can I instruct my own lawyer/solicitor to act for me in the transaction in any event?
A. Yes - if you so wish, but as we do all the legal work on your behalf there is little, if anything, your legal representative might do.

Q. Do I need to provide any form of ID?
A. No - with land transactions under £5,000 UK land law dictates that no ID is required. So as long as you know who you are then that is good enough.

Q. Is there any tax to pay on the land - either on transfer or in the future?
A. No - once more, with any land transfer under £5,000, there is no Stamp Duty Land Tax to pay and, as the land has no buildings upon it, there are no ongoing rates, or other taxes, to pay.

Q. How do I know I truly I own the land?
A. Following the legal transfer of ownership of the land, from us to you, we then register on your behalf, your ownership of the land with the LR.  The LR will then issue a ‘Title Information Document’ (TID) which shows the unique LR reference number, a plan of the land and recording you as the new owner.

Q. Do I have to pay a fee to register my new ownership with the LR?
A. No - there is of course a fee to pay, but we pay this on your behalf and so you pay nothing.

Q. What happens if I lose the Title Information Document?
A. For security, the LR retain all documents relating to land ownership (old Deeds, etc.) with the TID being a copy of these records. The LR will issue a new Title Information Document if requested. It is a good idea to record your land’s LR reference number as this will make obtaining a copy that much easier should the need arise.

Q. What guarantee is there, how do I know the information recorded at the LR is correct and that I am indeed the new owner?
A. Having vetted and verified that all the legal documents submitted by us to them are in order, regarding the transfer of land ownership, the LR then Guarantee ownership of the land to the person recorded within the TID.  This is a UK Government backed guarantee and so ownership is assured. 

Q. Can I sell the land?
A. Yes - as the land owner you may sell the land if you wish.

Q. Can I sell the land back to you?
A. Yes - we would be happy to purchase the land plot from you for the same fee as charged.  However, as we no longer own the land the LR would not allow us to conduct the legal transfer of ownership and so this would have to be done by yourself or your legal representative. 

Q. Can I bequeath the land to my descendants?
A. Yes - as you own the land you can bequeath it to whoever you wish. 

Q. How long have you been selling land plots in Dartmouth?
A. For over 20 years and as a result we have a very good working relationship with the LR, so transferring land ownership is a matter of routine for us - and this is why we are able to keep our legal fees so low.

Q. Can I visit the land?
A. You can most certainly visit Dartmouth itself. However, visiting your land plot is I am afraid, not at all practical in as much as your land plot will be surrounded by other land plots - meaning you would need to trespass upon other people’s land in order to get to your own.

Q. Can I see the land? 
A. Only from afar as your land is surrounded by other plots.

Q. Does the land have a view? 
A. Given that you could access the land it would have a view of the river Dart.  However, access is not possible as your land is surrounded by other plots.

Q. What do I get for my money?
A. Ownership of the land - as recorded at the LR and as detailed and verified by the LR Title Information Document. We also include some useful information about Dartmouth past and present.

Q. How long do I own the land for?
A. In perpetuity. 

Q. What is the Mayflower 400?
A. Dartmouth is one of twelve towns participating in the National Mayflower Partnership and throughout the twelve months from Thanksgiving November 2019, will be commemorating the 400-year anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower to the New World, with a series of exciting events and projects, some of which will leave a lasting legacy well beyond 2020. Read More.

Q. What is there to see in Dartmouth?
A. This page isn’t long enough to list it all! It is steeped in history which includes Bayards Cove, Dartmouth Castle and Britannia Royal Naval College to name just a few points of interest. The Tourist Information Centre and website offer you all you need to know.

Q. Can there be joint owners?
A. Yes - two people can share ownership of the land - at no extra charge. We need their name, just follow the process when buying.

Q. How long does it take?
A. Our long experience means we can submit the documents for your transfer at the Land Registry within a couple of weeks. As soon as we have the completed documents from the Land Registry we send them to you.

Q. Can I buy this as a gift?
A. Yes, we will need their name and address - just follow the process when buying.

Treat Yourself to Your Very Own Piece of Dartmouth

There’s never been a better time to become a Dartmouth landowner and boost your social status. Why not treat yourself or give a loved one a truly unforgettable gift?

Adults worldwide aged 18 or over can purchase land parcels and presumed titles from us. You’re not required to live in the UK or be a British citizen.

The land is inheritable, so it can be passed on to your chosen beneficiary in your Will.

Simply click on your preferred package below to make your purchase.

Title Pack

Dartmouth Land Parcel - Everything you need to become a Dartmouth landowner is included in the price (£795):

  • A land parcel, 20 cm x 20 cm (8ins x 8ins) near the River Dart
  • Price includes one or two applicants
  • All Land Registry fees
  • All legal costs associated with transferring ownership of the land
  • Worldwide delivery of all documentation
  • Information about Dartmouth past and present

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Title Pack

Dartmouth Land Parcel with the seated title 'Lord and Lady [Your Name] of Dartmouth' - Everything you need to become a Dartmouth landowner with a decorative title you can use for show purposes is included in the price (£995):

  • A presumed title for one or two applicants (title options include Lord and Lady, Duke and Duchess, Count and Countess, Earl, Sir, Dame, and more).
  • A land parcel, 20 cm x 20 cm (8ins x 8ins) near the River Dart
  • All Land Registry and Title Registration fees
  • All legal costs associated with transferring ownership of the land
  • All title documentation, beautifully presented in a unique title package
  • Worldwide delivery of all documentation
  • Information about Dartmouth past and present

BUY NOW - £995


While presumed titles aren’t the same as those bestowed by the King, they’re an enjoyable, brilliantly affordable way to enhance your social standing and impress people you meet.

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