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Become a Landowner in Beautiful, Historic Dartmouth, Devon, England, UK.

"Buy land, they're not making it anymore". Mark Twain

Retirement Closure Notice!

Those of you who have read "About Us" will know that I started MBC in 1990 - where have the last 33 years gone? It only seems like yesterday that the first "Elite Titles" website was launched in 1998 and we started to attract clients from all over the World. 20 years on I launched this website "Buy a Piece of Dartmouth" in 2018.

Having "semi-retired" this time last year I have decided to retire completely - I am 60 this year, although I still feel 40!

Kindly note that from 1 July, 2023 we will not be accepting any further applications. If you have placed an application with us it will of course be completed.

Thank you for supporting Buy a Piece of Dartmouth and I wish you all the best for the future.

PS. Our contact details remain the same whilst closing the business down.

Buy a Piece of Dartmouth

The Mayflower.

Dartmouth in South Devon is a stunning gem set on the English coastline, where the River Dart meets the sea. This beautiful, historic town is distinguished by its natural, deep-water harbour, listed buildings steeped in ‘old-world’ charm, lush green landscapes, secluded beaches capable of making even the Mediterranean jealous, and panoramic views.

Situated in a specially designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and forming part of Devon’s exclusive South Hams district, Dartmouth is beloved of its residents and visitors alike. Holidaymakers flock here from around the world, eager to soak up the glorious atmosphere of a town with strong ties to the social elite, including royalty.

Dartmouth’s waters sparkle in the sunshine, traversed by vessels as diverse as naval ships and luxury yachts. The Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta is an annual highlight. The town’s winding streets and centuries-old buildings boast art, culture, entertainment and fine cuisine.

Share in Dartmouth’s Rich Heritage and Prestige

Dartmouth exudes historical significance and contemporary sophistication. Imagine elevating your social status with the purchase of land here and even being called a Lord or Lady of Dartmouth! Thanks to, that dream can easily become reality.

We invite you to purchase a small land parcel located within half a mile of the River Dart. What’s more, you can adopt a legal, aristocratic-style title of your choice at the same time.

This is your chance to share in Dartmouth’s rich heritage and prestige. The town can be traced back to 1049 and is connected to a host of major historical events and figures.

Dartmouth’s International Profile and Anglo-American Ties

Dartmouth’s international profile is increasing by the day. September 2020 will mark the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s momentous voyage to the New World. From late 2019 onwards, the Dartmouth Mayflower 400 project will see the town play a significant role in celebrating the ship and its pioneering passengers with art, music, literature and spectacular events.

What’s more, the anniversary is set to deepen ties between Dartmouth and the US.

A view of Dartmouth, Devon.

Treat Yourself to Your Very Own Piece of Dartmouth

There’s never been a better time to become a Dartmouth landowner and boost your social status. Why not treat yourself or give a loved one a truly unforgettable gift?

Adults worldwide aged 18 or over can purchase land parcels and presumed titles from us. You’re not required to live in the UK or be a British citizen.

The land is inheritable, so it can be passed on to your chosen beneficiary in your Will.

Simply click on your preferred package below to make your purchase.

Title Pack

Dartmouth Land Parcel - Everything you need to become a Dartmouth landowner is included in the price (£795):

  • A land parcel, 20 cm x 20 cm (8ins x 8ins) near the River Dart
  • Price includes one or two applicants
  • All Land Registry fees
  • All legal costs associated with transferring ownership of the land
  • Worldwide delivery of all documentation
  • Information about Dartmouth past and present

Buy Now - £795

Title Pack

Dartmouth Land Parcel with the seated title 'Lord and Lady [Your Name] of Dartmouth' - Everything you need to become a Dartmouth landowner with a decorative title you can use for show purposes is included in the price (£995):

  • A presumed title for one or two applicants (title options include Lord and Lady, Duke and Duchess, Count and Countess, Earl, Sir, Dame, and more).
  • A land parcel, 20 cm x 20 cm (8ins x 8ins) near the River Dart
  • All Land Registry and Title Registration fees
  • All legal costs associated with transferring ownership of the land
  • All title documentation, beautifully presented in a unique title package
  • Worldwide delivery of all documentation
  • Information about Dartmouth past and present

BUY NOW - £995


While presumed titles aren’t the same as those bestowed by the King, they’re an enjoyable, brilliantly affordable way to enhance your social standing and impress people you meet.

Align yourself with fabulous Dartmouth and upgrade your lifestyle today!